Q: How does it work?
A: The cards are easy to insert by sliding either one card or both at the same time. A soft click lets you know your goods are safe and secure. To remove, simply slide the cards towards the right. See the bottom of our Home page for tips.

Q: Will the Remora affect my credit card's magnetic strip or otherwise cause harm?
A: Nope! Your credit card's magnetic strip is strong and will not be affected by being near your cell phone. A small physical mark may appear over time from the pressure of the locking mechanism, but it won't affect the function of the card. 

Q: Will the Remora fit if my phone has one of those clear screen protectors?
A: There is no fit issue for the iPhone 6/6s. For the 5/5s, it depends on the thickness and type of screen protector. There are some instances where you might have to trim the film just where the case grabs the phone. 

Q: Will the Remora protect my phone if it is dropped? 
A: We wouldn't count on it, as it's not the intended function of the case. It will help protect the screen from scratches when you set your phone down on the table though.

Q: Will the sliding cards cause damage to my phone?
A: Over time you may notice some faint marks appearing on the back panel of your phone from the cards sliding back and forth against it. The majority of these marks can be cleaned or rubbed off (tip: a big eraser works great). In general, plastic credit cards or ID cards are not hard enough to seriously scratch or gouge the metal or glass back panels of your device. Trying to fit more than the intended number of cards (or other objects) into the Remora can increase the likely hood of scratches. Also, small pebbles, dirt, or other sharp, hard particles caught between the cards and the phone can result in scratches. We recommend using a clear protector on the back panel when complete protection is required.

Q: Does the case cause any problems with the camera or the flash?
A: The Remora does not cause flash problems. We have intentionally designed the ring around the camera/flash area to be black in color to combat flash bleed.

Q: How does the Remora fit both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s? Isn't the 6s bigger than the 6?
A: The iPhone 6 and 6s have the same length and width, but a slightly different thickness. The difference is less than 0.01 inches (0.2 mm) which is not enough to affect how the Remora attaches to the iPhone.

Q: Does the iPhone 6/6s Remora fit the iPhone 7?
A: Unfortunately, the Remora for iPhone 6/6s does not fit the iPhone 7. The camera lens for the iPhone 7 is larger and shifted farther away from the edge.

Q: When will the new Remora for iPhone 7 be available?
A: We're expecting the new Remora for iPhone 7 to be available late November. Join our newsletter or Facebook page to be notified!

Q: What is the return policy?

A: Returns are accepted for up to 30 days from the purchase date. Please email returns@outpostlabs.com and let us know that there is a problem.